A patient can access their prescriptions online either via the emailed prescription or through the Patient Portal, this will bring up the option to ORDER the prescribed products online on the current prescription. 

Please bear in mind that clients can only order from the latest prescription provided it is not older than 6 months.

You will need to follow these steps edit your portal configuration settings to customise the logo, banner and colours. This is the same as your online booking page. 

1. Select Order Now from the prescription

2. The patient can choose the quantity of each product they would like to order and select Add, the RRP will be displayed to them. 

They also have the ability to remove items added to the order. 

3. The client will choose their shipping option, based on what you have set - either pick up or delivery and enter their address for delivery if applicable. 

Turn on or off the Pick Up option by following these steps.

For Delivery, ensure you are set up for freight charges by clicking here. This charge will automatically be added to the order as below. 

4. After the patient has clicked Order Now, they will be redirected to their invoice to make payment for the products they have chosen to order.

If the patient chooses to NOT pay for the products, you will be able to access the outstanding invoice from your Dashboard and make contact with the patient regarding their order and taking payment.

Items on the invoice will be automatically be changed to status of waiting pick up OR needs shipment on the invoice.

(Note: Online payment will be processed through your integrated payment gateway. If multiple gateways are connected the order of use is Square -> Stripe -> Ezi-Debit. If you have disabled the Pay Now button your invoices from Invoice Settings, the patient will not be able to make payment for their order online.)

If any products the patient has ordered are on backorder/out stock, you will also need to make contact with the patient to notify them either via phone call, SMS or email.

Sending Order to Ariya Health or Metagenics:

If the client order needs to be sent to Ariya Health or Metagenics, you will need to add shipping/freight as above. 

Click send to Ariya or send to Metagenics -> Send order. Please see these linked articles for more information on this process. 

Order will be sent to Ariya or Metagenics to the client's address on file, if the client has provided an alternate address this will be noted in the invoice comments.