This article can be used to setup your clinic's integration with Metagenics, an Australian manufacturer of practitioner-only products (POP), who also have a drop-shipping service for delivering nutritional and herbal supplements directly to your clients too!

SimpleClinic integrates with Metagenics, by allowing your prescribed products to be sent to Metagenics to fulfil and send to your clients directly, as well as sending orders of stock to Metagenics to deliver to your clinic.

Initial Setup and Enabling of Metagenics Orders

To setup your integration of SimpleClinic with Metagenics, go to the Business Setup -> Invoice Settings section, and turn on the "Show Send to Metagenics on Invoice" toggle to "Yes".

Click on the Save button to save the change.

Next you need to add your Metagenics account details into SimpleClinic.

Click on the Inventory -> Suppliers menu option, and in the Suppliers list, locate the Metagenics entry. 

Click on the spyglass button on the right to display the Supplier details. 

Type in your Metagenics account number into the relevant field, then click on the Save button.

Now you are ready to send your prescription invoices and orders to Metagenics!

Sending Prescribed Items to Metagenics

Complete a prescription and/or invoice for a client as per usual!  At the top of the invoice screen, there is a "Send to Metagenics" button on the action bar.

If you do not see the "Send to Metagenics" button on the action bar above, there has been no prescription written and saved for that client. As Metagenics are supplying practitioner-only products (POP) to people, they need to know that a prescription has been saved for the client. SimpleClinic sends the prescription details to Metagenics as proof that the products have actually been prescribed by the practitioner or clinic.

When the invoice is completed, and you want the order supplied by Metagenics, click on the "Send to Metagenics" button and the following window will appear.

Tick the appropriate boxes for the Metagenics products you wish to order and send directly to the patient. Non-Metagenics products should be unchecked! Also check the "authority to leave" box if the patient has given permission to have deliveries left at their address without requiring a signature.

When all items for delivery to the patient have been ticked, click on the Send Order button. An "order sent" message will appear.

Click on Ok to clear the message and return to the invoice screen to complete payment, if not already done.

You or your clinic will take the full payment of the items prescribed. Metagenics will bill you for the items as per your account terms and conditions with them. Metagenics will not send an invoice for the items in the delivery to the patient!

Sending Orders to Metagenics for your Clinic

As Metagenics are a wholesaler of POP and other products, you can create orders in SimpleClinic to have their stock delivered to your clinic.

Simply use the Inventory -> Orders menu option to create an order with Metagenics, in the same way as any other supplier! For more information, refer to the section on Orders in this manual.