On this page: 

  • Initial Setup and Enabling of Ariya Health Orders
  • Sending Prescribed Items to Ariya Health
  • Sending Orders to Ariya Health for your Clinic
  • Discontinued Items

Ariya Health is an Australian wholesaler of practitioner-only products (POP) and an online dispensary service for nutritional and herbal supplements and liquid herbal extracts. 

SimpleClinic integrates with Ariya Health by allowing your prescribed products to be sent to Ariya to fulfil and send to your clients directly, as well as ordering stock from Ariya Health to your clinic. 

If you haven't already applied for and got your practitioner account with Ariya, please click on this link to complete your account application: https://www.ariyahealth.com.au/register/practitioner

Important - orders to Ariya Health will fail if the steps below are not followed

  • Your account number, trading terms and business email address in SimpleClinic must match what Ariya Health has on file. Please contact Ariya Health if this is not the case. 
  • All items included in orders must be from an Ariya Health feed. If not from an Ariya Health feed, they will not show up when you select to Send to Ariya. 
  • Your patient postal address must include a valid - Street Address, Suburb, State and Postcode. The state should be in the format QLD not Queensland.

Initial Setup and Enabling of Ariya Health Orders

1. Go to Inventory -> Suppliers -> Ariya Health -> select the spyglass icon to edit

Enter your Ariya Health Account Number and Trading Terms -> SAVE

2. Go to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Email and ensure that this is the email address that Ariya Health have on file for you. Please call Ariya Health and ask them to change it to this email address if it is different.

3. Go to Inventory -> Feeds

  • If you are using Ariya Health to blend and ship herbs -> ensure you have turned ON Ariya (Liquid Dispensary) and turned OFF all other herbal ingredients Feeds (or hidden ingredients that are not needed from these feeds), e.g. Ariya (Mediherb), Ariya (PPC) and Ariya (Herbal Extract). 

  • Turn ON any other Ariya feeds you need and turn off Feeds direct from the manufacturer, e.g Turn OFF Biomedica and turn ON Ariya (Biomedica)

4. Go to the Business Setup -> Invoice Settings, and turn on the "Show Send to Ariya on Invoice" toggle to YES -> SAVE

Sending Prescribed Items to Ariya Health

1. Complete a prescription and/or invoice for a client as per usual, including an item for postage if applicable. Check Ariya postage costs and set up an inventory item to cover those charges. We also recommend collecting payment from the patient first. 

If you are creating an invoice without first creating a prescription -> you will need to add the products and postage (if applicable -> refresh the invoice -> select the send to Ariya button. 

This is because SimpleClinic needs to connect to Ariya to confirm these products are available (normally this is done when the prescription is turned into an invoice, creating an invoice without a prescription requires this extra step. 

Ensure your patient postal address includes a valid - Street Address, Suburb, State and Postcode. Ariya orders do not support Street Line 2 and the state should be in the format QLD not Queensland. The order will fail if there is invalid or empty fields. 

If the patient has sent postal delivery information through an online prescription order, this information will show in the comments section and will not go through to Ariya, this needs to be updated on the patient file. 

2. Click on the "Send to Ariya" button and the following window will appear.

If you do not see the "Send to Ariya" button on the action bar above, there has been no prescription written and saved for that client. As Ariya Health are supplying practitioner-only products (POP) to people, they need to know that a prescription has been saved for the client. SimpleClinic sends the prescription details to Ariya Health as proof that the products have actually been prescribed by the practitioner or clinic.

3. From this screen, tick the checkboxes for all items you wish Ariya Health to supply to the client directly, leave those items unchecked which you will supply. Not all items on your prescription may be required to be supplied by Ariya Health. If any items are not showing - you have not selected them from the Ariya Feeds, you will need to go back and change this. 

4. Click on the Send Order button. 

At this point, you will either receive an order confirmation notification or a failure notification. Please also check your business email for notifications regarding the order. 

If you do not have a monthly account with Ariya Health, an invoice will appear that needs to be paid before the order will be sent. Ariya Health will invoice you wholesale price for the items as per your account terms and conditions with them. 

To check the status of your order, log in to your Ariya Health account on the website. Here you can review payments, view draft orders (unpaid orders), and see tracking information.

Sending Orders to Ariya Health for your Clinic

As Ariya Health are a wholesaler of POP and other products, you can create orders in SimpleClinic to have stock delivered to your clinic.

Simply use the Inventory -> Orders menu option to create an order with Ariya Health, in the same way as any other supplier! For more information, refer to the section on Orders in this manual.

Discontinued Items

If any products are showing as discontinued in the inventory - this means these products have not been updated by Ariya Health in the last 7 days and therefore will not be available to add to orders. If you believe this is not accurate: 
  • First check the Ariya websiteto see if it is still available:
    • if not, please find a suitable substitute 
    • if yes, please email support@simpleclinic.net with the product information and we will liaise with Ariya to make sure the product gets updated asap.