SimpleClinic comes pre-populated with a wide range of Practitioner Only Products.

Liquid herbals also come pre-populated with an RRP price per ml. This is calculated based off you as the practitioner blending, bottling and providing the liquid herbal from your OWN liquid herbal dispensary.

Ariya Health provides a service where you can fulfil your liquid herbal formulation straight from their liquid herbal dispensary and for it to be shipped straight to your patient - eliminating the need to carry large liquid herbal dispensaries or any liquid herbal dispensary at all!

The Ariya Health service, does increase your cost price marginally and therefore your RRP at a per ml price will need to be increased. You can do this by either:

  • Adding a bottling fee to the patient's invoice
  • Duplicating the liquid herbal ingredients that come from the feeds and setting your own RRP per ml
  • Switch on the Ariya (LIQUID DISPENSARY) from Inventory -> Feeds. If you choose to enable this feed, it will populate your inventory with the ingredients Ariya Health uses in their own herbal dispensary to blend, bottle and ship directly to your patient. The cost and RRP will reflect the price increase from Ariya Health providing this service. If enabled, you can turn of the liquid herbal feeds you have.