If you are using Xero integration, refunds should be created from Xero by raising a credit note against the contact record and applying.  SimpleClinic does not sync refunds to Xero. Hence if you use Xero with SimpleClinic, these instructions will not be relevant to you!

This method will cover how to ensure that your reports match the correct amounts.

1) Create a new invoice or open the invoice that your patient was charged on for the item/s that are being refunded.

2) If creating a new invoice, add the item/s to the invoice that you are refunding for your client.

3) Regardless if you have created a new invoice or editing an existing one, for each item that you want to refund, add the item to the invoice AGAIN but put -1 in Qty ordered and Qty Supplied (see below)

4) Choose the correct method by which the refund was provided to make sure the reports all match the correct amounts. (see below) 

5) Click OK and the invoice will now show $0 for the amount due, and balance. 

In addition to rectifying the invoice to reflect in the sales report, you can record a voucher for the client to redeem at a later date if they chose to just leave a credit on the file for next time. This step should only be done if you have to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Report Settings -> Hide voucher in sales report -> YES -> SAVE.

1) After this, you will need to create an inventory item for a “Voucher” and apply this to the current invoice. You do this by going Inventory > Items > Add New.

When creating your “Voucher” use the following fields:

  • Amount: $0.00 (You can enter the amount in on the invoice as it will vary from item to item)
  • Category: Products
  • Supplier: Your company name
  • Type: Service

(Please note, Step 1 only has to done ONCE. This "Voucher" inventory item can be re-used.)

2) Go back into your invoice make sure you put -1 in Qty ordered and Qty Supplied for the item that was not collected and add the “Voucher” item. Add the voucher dollar value as the same value of the item that was sold. 

3) After this is done, go to Patients -> Select Patient Record -> Record -> Voucher

You may choose to record details of why a voucher is being created E.g. “John came to pick up his MetaZinc but decided he didn’t want it anymore. Credit voucher credit for balance of $xx.xx

Hit OK and the next time the patient comes in, the voucher will show up down the bottom of the invoice screen and can be used towards the next invoice.