In the prescription screen, you can build a liquid herbal combination mixture, and SimpleClinic will save the details of the combination and its costs.

When prescribing to a patient, click on the Add Item button at the bottom of the prescription, this will bring up the "Add to Prescription" where you can search for and select the appropriate sized container item you are prescribing for the client for example 100ml, 200ml or 500ml liquid herbal.

Complete the prescription item dosing instructions as shown on the following window:

When the herbal dosing details are saved from clicking on the OK button, the add ingredients to formulation screen will appear.

The Herbal Builder will display only the inventory items which have a product type of "Liquid Herbal" which you have added, and in alphabetical order. You can search the list of available herbs by typing in 3 or more letters of the herb name, which will filter all the herbs which match the selected letters. 

Enter in the amount for each of the herbal liquid used for this client, and click on OK to save. You will return to the prescriptions screen with the liquid herbal item shown with all the herbals selected and their amounts. Please bear in mind that price for your liquid herbal if you are selling at a per ml price will not be shown here, it will only be shown when you convert the prescription to an invoice.

Print or email the prescription if required. 

Click on "Convert To Invoice".

The configuration setting to sell at per ml or container price is found under Business Setup-> Your Clinic -> Invoice Settings screen.

If you charge per mL for each herbal, your invoice screen will look like the following:

In this example, the Unit Price cost from the inventory item for each herb is multiplied by the Qty to give a total price for each herbal.

The invoice screen also allows you to enter the batch numbers and expiry dates for the selected herbs.

Edit the batch number and expiry details as needed.

Please note: If you have recorded an order for the liquid herbs you are prescribing, the expiry and batch number will automatically come across from the order for the specified liquid herbs. This information comes up on the invoice it will be there the next time you prescribe the same herb.