Follow the steps below to set up your online booking page. 

On this page: 

  • Adding a Book Now button
  • Customise the Online Booking Page
  • Booking Process

Adding a Book Now button

For the best client experience across all devices and browsers, we recommend adding a Book Now button that directs clients to your online booking page. Most common website builders will have the ability to 'Add a Button' 

Follow the support guides from your website builder, or engage your website designer, to set the properties of this button to show the desired text (e.g. Book Now) and set the action to link to your online booking url. 

Please contact if you need this new booking link emailed to you, this is different that the link you received if you signed up prior to 2024. 

Customise the Online Booking page

Go to Business Setup -> Portal Configuration -> you will see the below screen. On the left are the settings that can be modified (explanations listed below) and on the right is a preview of what the online booking page will look like. 

After making changes -> select the Save button and preview the changes on the right hand side. 

  • Banner = upload a rectangular image (1800px x 600px) to go across the top of the online booking page
  • Logo = upload a round (450px x 450px) or square logo to go at the bottom left of the banner (square logos will be cropped to be a circle shape as in the image below) 
  • Module Link Colour = colour of the selection link buttons (e.g. Book Now & Social Media) 
  • Module Link Colour Reversed = colour of the text for the dates in the calendar 
  • Module Icon Colour = do not make this white - it is the colour of the selections arrows and confirmation booking tick (in the last confirmation screen) 
  • Module Header Background = colour of the header background on each page (e.g. behind Select Practitioner)
  • Module Header Colour = colour of the header text on each page (e.g. Select Practitioner) 
  • Container Header Background = colour of the background the practitioner name (e.g. behind Marianne Fernance)
  • Container Header Colour = colour of the text for each practitioner name (e.g. Marianne Fernance) 
  • Facebook Page = enter your Facebook page link here (e.g. 
  • Instagram Page = enter your Instagram page page link here (e.g. 
  • LinkedIn Page = enter your LinkedIn page link here (e.g. 
  • Privacy Policy = enter the link to your privacy policy from your website 
  • Cancellation Policy = enter the link to your cancellation policy from your website 
  • Disclaimer = enter the link to any general disclaimer from your website 
  • Google Analytics Tag = enter the Google Analytics tag from your Google Analytics account (e.g. G-6ZYJXYX67XY) 

Booking Process

The steps below (with images) outline the process the patient will follow to make a booking. We recommend doing a test appointment to see how this process works for yourself. 

If you have your website listed under Business Setup --> Your Clinic, there will be a button on this page to return to your website. Please note it must be in the format beginning with http:// or https://

Step 1. Go to your website -> click the Book Now button ->

  • if you have locations -> you will see the list of locations here -> select a location to see the list of services available 
  • if you don't have locations -> you will see the list of services available (as below)

Step 2. Select a service -> you will see the available dates highlighted on the left -> click on a date to see the available times for that date on the right -> select a time -> select Confirm Booking Time

Step 3. Enter the personal details as below -> all fields are required (except for coupon) -> add a coupon code if appropriate -> then select the button to Make Payment (or Confirm Booking if no prepayment is required)

Step 4. Enter the payment card details -> select the Pay Now button. 

Step 5. The booking is now made and the booking confirmation messages will be sent to the patient.

Please note: the new online booking page does not support the redemption of package entitlements. It does support the redemption of Bundle entitlements.