SimpleClinic allows you to generate promotional discount coupons, which can then be used and applied to online bookings for services.

The below steps will only be relevant if you have pre-payment through online booking enabled, if you don't have it enabled there will no need to create these. Please note for a coupon to be able to be applied correctly, Pre-payment must be set to 100%. To set up pre-payment, please click here: How do I enable pre-payment for online booking?

On this page: 

  • Turn on Coupons
  • Create Coupons

See this page for how your patients can Apply Coupons

Turn On Coupons

1. Go to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Diary Settings and toggle the below button to yes, for Show Coupon Codes in Online Booking. 

Create Coupons

1. Go to Inventory -> Coupons. The coupon list screen will be displayed to show all coupon details.

2. Click on the Add New button to create a new discount coupon.

3. Complete the details needed on this screen, including the following: 

  • Code – your discount code, which can be a combination of letters and numbers only, with a maximum of 16 characters and no spaces or symbols
  • Expiry – the date and time that the coupon expires. This defaults to one month from the current date, but can be changed from the date picker
  • Discount method – is the discount for a percentage off the usual price, or a dollar amount discount? Choose from the 2 options
  • Discount amount – enter the discount percentage or amount value, as a number only
  • Description – details of the discount coupon, for your clinic reference only
  • Coupon services – which services the discount coupon can be applied to. The default is "No" for all services. Toggle each service, to limit the coupon to only those services you would like it to be applied to.

4. Click on Save to create the new coupon.

Your coupon is now ready for use. 

See this page for how your patients can Apply Coupons