This article discusses how to setup recurring payments.

You will first need to ensure you have Square OR Ezi-Debit connected from Business Setup - > Integrations

If you connected to Square OR Ezi-Debit, please follow through with these steps:

  1. Select Patients -> Patient record -> Payment Details -> ADD NEW -> Payment Gateway -> Choose the preferred method -> Once selected, you can enter the card details -> SAVE.

This will now setup your patient as a payee with payment gateway. The patient's credit card details won't be seen after this, but you can update new credit card details but the old ones will never be shown in SimpleClinic.

2. Next, create the invoice for your patient for the amount that will be charged on a recurring basis. (Service with supplements, service only, supplements only etc.)

  1. From payment -> + button -> Under "methods" -> select EZIDEBIT or SQUARE
  2. On the same invoice screen, go to recurrence settings -> Switch recurring to YES -> Select when you would like the recurrence to end -> Define when he recur amount should come out -> Set autopay to EZIDEBIT or SQUARE-> Email invoice to either yes or no, depending on your preference -> Select "SAVE SETTINGS" when done.

The Exclude Dates well within the recurrence settings allows you to specify dates for which a recurring invoice should not be created.  Invoices will continue to be created up until the recur until setting UNLESS:

  • The recurring switch is set to OFF, OR
  • The date on which a recurring instance is due is in the Exclude Dates list.

When you set an invoice to recurring, you will have the option to Download Client Paperwork.  This provides a form that the user can complete in the clinic summarising their payment schedule and collecting payment information.

Please note: That it is a requirement under the Bulk Electronic Clearing System procedures that patients complete this paperwork and sign this paperwork.  Further, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards stipulate that this form then be securely stored.  Treat this just as you would treat medical records and files.

Once the patient has completed the client paperwork providing their credit cards details, these can be entered in the patient record under the Payment details tab (If this was not done already in step 1).

Please note: SimpleClinic DOES NOT store your client credit card details.  These are stored securely on EziDebit or Square's servers.

Note: You will be notified after this process has cleared, any errors will be notified to you through the banner on Dashboard.