This guide is to help practitioners support their patients when using the Patient Portal.  

For a guide to send to your patients, download the document attached at the bottom of this article.


The SimpleClinic Patient Portal is a website interface for patients to be able to:

  • View/print prescriptions, and easily re-order supps and pay online!
  • View/print previous and outstanding invoices and pay online.
  • View appointment history and cancel upcoming appointments in accordance with your clinic policies.
  • Upload and share document with their practitioner. A great example of this is having your clients upload their diet diary or results in between appointments.
  • Easily email the clinic from the portal. 

The Portal is completely optional for clinics to use and optional for your patients to use.

Click this link to see an example invitation that you can edit bases on when you are sending this to your patients. 

Connecting Patient Portal:

1. Clinics that would like to make use of the Patient Portal will need to connect by going to Business Setup -> Integrations -> Connect.

2. You will need to invite your patients to sign up to the Portal by sending them the link below. 

Click this link to see an example invitation that you can edit bases on when you are sending this to your patients.

3. For patients using Patient Portal for the first time, they will need to click Create an account.

The patient will need to enter their email address and date of birth that they have used with the clinic, this is part of the identification check. A secure password will also be required, if certain password requirements are missing, the patient will be prompted to enter this into their password before clicking SIGN UP (as below the password must contain 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 symbol and 1 number). 

Once entered, the patient will receive a verification email. They will not be able to continue without verifying their email.

The below screenshot shows an example of the verification email.

4. After this, the patient will need to return to the patient portal and log in. 

5. The patient will now see the below Dashboard screen. From the Dashboard the patient will be able to quickly access their next appointment, latest prescription and latest course. They can use the menu in the top left corner to access other areas -> Clinic list, all Prescriptions, all Appointments, all Invoices, Profile, all Courses. 

6. Courses will allow the patient to access Course material if they have signed up to a Program run by your clinic. 

7. From the Clinics section, patients will be able to view their linked clinics if they are see multiple practitioners at different clinics. From here, patients can easily upload documents to send to the clinic. Practitioners will receive an email notification from SimpleClinic with subject heading "Your patient XXX has uploaded a file" and the files will be stored under General Files in the patient record.

You will receive an email to the address on file under Business Setup -> Your Clinic.

Please note: to upload files other than images, the patient will need to select 'All Files' when selecting the file from their computer. 

Email example:

8. Prescriptions section will allow patients to view previous prescriptions.

9. Appointments section will allow patients to reschedule any upcoming appointments and cancel their booking in accordance with the clinic policies as set out under Services and add a reason.

These reasons will show up in the Cancellation Report in the Report Centre. 

10. Invoices will allow the patient to view any previous invoices and access any outstanding invoices and pay online using your preferred payment gateway. 

11. From the Profile section the patient will be able to update their details and change their password. 

To change the password - enter the password and enter the confirm password, then select Save Info.