This guide is to help practitioners support their patients when using the Patient Portal. 

For a guide to send to your patients, download the document attached at the bottom of this article. 

On this page: 

  • Patient can't log in
  • Patient can't see any clinic or course information
  • Patient can't order from prescription in Patient Portal 
  • Patient can't upload PDF documents
  • Further support

Patient can't log in

Confirm that the patient has: 

  1. Created a Patient Portal account – how to invite your patients click here
  2. Confirmed and verified their email. Please note: once they click on the hyperlink in the email this is now verified. If they receive the message “link is invalid” this means they have already been verified and can log in. 
  3. Is using the correct email address (did they set it up with a different email address?) 
  4. Is using the correct password – for password reset instructions click here
  5. Is typing in the password, not copying and pasting it in
  6. Has turned off password manager / autofill (as this can populate old passwords) 
  7. Cleared their cache
  8. Logging into correct portal:  - if they get a error to say their account is deactivated they are logging in to the wrong place. 

The practitioner can contact to verify the patient account if they have not received the verification email. 

Patient can't see any clinic or course information

  1. If the patient can log in but can't see clinic or course information, check that the following information is correct and matches in both SimpleClinic and their registered Patient Portal profile:
    1. Patient DOB
    2. Patient Email
    3. Patient is not archived 
  2. If this is correct, check that they have an active enrolment in the course that they are trying to view.
  3. Check if the patient has more than one patient record in your SimpleClinic account, including an archived record - if so
    1. click the links to these articles to restore and / or merge the records correctly, or
    2. enroll the current patient profile in the course 

Patient can't order from prescription in Patient Portal

  1. Patients can only order from the latest prescription
  2. Patients cannot order from prescriptions over 3 months old, these will need to be re-prescribed. 

Patient can't upload PDF documents

  1. To upload files other than images, the patient will need to select 'All Files' when selecting the file from their computer.

Further support

If you have followed the above advice and the patient still can't access information in the patient portal - the practitioner can send an email to with the patient name, email and DOB.