Before uploading your course to SimplePrograms, you will first need to:

  1. Decide on a name for your program
  2. Decide on the duration, will this be a 4 week, 6 week or longer program?
  3. Will the course material be delivered immediately, drip delivery or a combination of both? 
  4. Once your duration is decided, you can break up your course material into lessons for each week. (i.e Week 1 Welcome, Week 2 First Topic etc.)
  5. After breaking the material up into lessons, you will need decide what resources will be sent with each lesson. (i.e Diet Diary, Life audit, meditation guide etc).
  6. Will the lessons be delivered through video, text only or a combination of both?
  7. You will need to create the lesson overview and email content to be sent each week.
  8. Set your program price and payment options (i.e upfront, two part, ongoing DDR etc.)
  9. Create a featured image to advertise your program, this image is best sized at 1080 x 1080 px SQUARE.
  10. Type up your course introduction/course summary, this is best kept to 100 words or less.
  11. After you have decided on your course material, you will need to create a landing page on your website, create an ENROL button and include the course link. See example here
  12. The landing page will be where you go into detail on what is offered in the course and encouraging clients to enrol in your program.
  13. Create a mailing list/audience in MailChimp for your course enrolments to be added to, this will allow to you send targeted marketing to enrolments.

If you are adding videos to your program, it's time to get recording! Videos can have content included from PowerPoint slides and a voice over, a video of you presenting the information etc. 

You can use programs such as Zoom, Loom, Snagit and many others to record your videos.

Once recorded, your videos will need to be uploaded to a platform such as Vimeo. We recommend using Vimeo as it gives you the control to lock down the privacy of your video with password protection so your content can't be easily accessed outside of the course.