Videos can be uploaded to the SimpleClinic Video Library to be used in Programs or Prescriptions. The SimpleClinic Video Library is not subject to censorship like public subscriptions like You Tube or Vimeo. 

To use SimpleClinic Video library there will be a one off upload fee of $0.60 per minute (for transcoding to multiple streaming formats) and no ongoing hosting fees. You will be charged this fee at the time of uploading the video. 

If you have a Vimeo account, you can still use these videos for Programs. Vimeo gives you the control to lock down the privacy of your video, so your content can't be easily accessed outside of the course and to use this content elsewhere. To review the suggested privacy settings, please click here.) 

Upload a Video

1. From the Dashboard -> select Content -> Video Library -> here you will see a list of already uploaded videos and be able to upload new videos. 

Video upload status: Each video will show a status depending on whether the upload and conversion is:

  • not started = no video has been added
  • progress = video has been uploaded and conversion is in progress
  • complete = video is uploaded and conversion is complete and it is ready to use in programs or prescriptions. 

Conversion is done on each uploaded video to standardise and optimise each video when shown in programs and prescriptions, as videos may have been created and edited differently. Longer videos will take longer to upload and convert. 

By clicking on each video you can see the date and time the video was uploaded and the status of the conversion. 

Please ensure you keep the original file saved as the transcoded versions are web streaming versions and we will  not retain the original video format after its transcoded.