Any of the common banking merchant facilities (EFTPOS machines) can easily be used with SimpleClinic by recording the payment as EFTPOS.

Please note, if you have multiple payment gateways connected, the preference for use is Square -> Stripe

Other payment options such as Stripe and Square are internet merchant facilities and as such will have higher fees than an ordinary bank merchant facility due to the higher risk profile.  The fees for Stripe, when last checked, is about 1.9% and and Square is between 1.9% to 2.2% depending on your usage.

SimpleClinic integrates with Stripe. With Stripe, the patient needs to initiate the payment each time either through the online invoice link or at time of booking.  

Also be aware that some clinics have had their payouts frozen by Stripe, due to some forms of supplements or products falling foul of Stripe's usage rules.  This included orders that included hCG drops, homeopathic products and services, flower essences, and also prepayment of Reiki services. This is because of a higher risk of chargebacks on these products.

SimpleClinic also integrates with Square, which can be very handy for mobile practitioners, or those who sell products away from the clinic, and those who use their portable Square card reader device. Square can also be used simply by installing the Square app on your mobile phone or tablet for free, and configuring the app to redirect funds to your bank account. Having the Square card reader is convenient for "tap and go" transaction payments, or you can just use the app, and process card details manually. 

You can also do card not present payments, stored credit card details and recurring invoices with Square. The Packages module is not available for Square.

Please note: SimpleClinic does not currently support the ability to pass on fees to clients through any payment gateway option.