SimpleClinic integrates with the Square payment system, using either the Square portable card reader device, Square app for mobile devices and the Square integration also allows you to process credit payments online. If you do not have a Square account, you will first need to sign up by clicking here

Please bear in mind if you have multiple payment gateways connect, the preference for use is Square -> Stripe -> Ezi-Debit.

Configuring your Square account

Please ensure you have set your Square to take card payments. If you are not set up for this, online card payments through SimpleClinic will NOT process. Please review Square's getting started guide and ensure you have not missed any steps - click here. Verification with Square can take up to 4 business days.  

Once done, you can configure Square to integrate with SimpleClinic

To link your Square account with SimpleClinic, select the Business Setup -> Integrations -> Under the option for Square, click CONNECT.

This will redirect you to login to your Square account.

Sign into your Square account, using the email address and password you configured when the account was created. Once logged in, the permissions page will appear for you to review.

Once reading through the permissions, you can select Allow or Deny. If you select Allow, SimpleClinic will be integrated with Square! You will be redirected back to the Integrations page where you will see you have successfully connected to Square.

You can also disconnect from Square, if required from this same screen selecting disconnect.

Processing payments using Square for in clinic payments

  1. Create an invoice and add relevant items/services to the invoice
  2. Take the payment, using the Square card reader connected to the Square app, or enter the card details manually in the Square app
  3. Refresh the invoice screen, you will see the Square payment automatically record as EFTPOS.

The confirmation of the payment transaction from Square to SimpleClinic may take up to 1 minute following the transaction. 

Payments using Square online

If you would like a client to pay online themselves, after creating the invoice you can simply click the SMS or Email option -> OK -> This will send across the invoice link for them to pay online. You will receive a notification a payment has been received and invoice will be automatically marked as paid with the ONLINE method.

If you have multiple payment gateways connect, the preference for use is Square -> Stripe -> Ezi-Debit.

Unmatched Payments

SimpleClinic will attempt to match the payment to the invoice. If the payment could not be matched to a specific transaction, SimpleClinic will show the transaction in the "Unmatched payments" section on the Dashboard, and you will be able to manually match the payment to the invoice. 

It is essential to keep outstanding invoices and unmatched payments up to date. 

If using the Square reader, Square auto assigns payments to invoices based on outstanding invoices with the same balance amount outstanding. There is no personal reference provided from Square when we receive the notification.