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  • In person Square payments
  • Online Square payments

Processing payments using Square for IN CLINIC PAYMENTS

1. Create an invoice and add relevant items/services to the invoice

2. Click the plus button to add a payment -> select 'Square EFTPOS'   (see images below)

3. A pop up will show that SimpleClinic is waiting for a payment on your Square reader

4. Once SimpleClinic receives the notification that the payment has been taken via the Square reader, it will show the card type and the last 4 digits of the card number (as per image below)

  • If the card details and amount is correct -> select 'Apply this Payment' -> the invoice will be marked as paid. 
  • If no card details are shown after a few seconds -> select 'Cancel' to stop waiting (this can happen if the notification from Square to SimpleClinic is delayed). 
    • In this case, the Square payment will eventually show in the Unmatched Payments section on the dashboard for you to match manually (as per the below steps). 
    • Please ensure that the same Square account is being used for the card reader and SimpleClinic

Processing payments using Square online

5. Create the invoice -> click the SMS or Email option -> OK -> This will send across the invoice link for them to pay online. 

You will receive a notification a payment has been received and the invoice will be automatically marked as paid with the ONLINE method. 

If you have multiple payment gateways connect, the default for use is Square first -> Stripe -> Ezi-Debit.