This document describes how to find your Stripe keys and add these keys to SimpleClinic.  Once keys have been added you can enable payments for online booking and accept payments on the front end for patient invoices.

Please bear in mind if you have multiple payment gateways connect, the preference for use is Square -> Stripe -> Ezi-Debit.

Enabling Stripe support requires a secret key and a publishable key.  The publishable key is used when credit card details are sent directly from the client's browser to Stripe, the secret key is used to charge the token that is returned from Stripe.

To find these keys login to your Stripe account and from the navigation menu on the right hand side of the page select Developers.

When you click on the Developer menu this will expand and show a menu called API keys.  Click on the API keys menu.

Ensure that View test data is DISABLED (toggled to the left) this will ensure that you are showing your live keys and not your test keys.  You will need to click Reveal live key token to show your secret key.

In SimpleClinic, select Business Setup -> Integrations -> Stripe -> Connect.

Add your publishable key and secret key into the relevant areas in these fields, and click Save to save your settings.

You have now successfully installed your keys and can enable payments for online booking and front end payment of invoices.

Please ensure you have verified your bank account and identity before starting to process payments. Stripe will NOT be able to process payments to unverified accounts. Please review Stripe's getting started and ensure you have not missed any steps - click here.

If you would like to start accepting pre-payment for online booking, please click here.