This article will explain how to setup SimpleClinic In Clinic Consultations and Online Consultations. 

If you would like to use the Zoom integration for your online consultations, click here

Step 1 - Setting up multiple locations

By default, your clinic address will be your default location for invoices and online booking. If you want to be able to offer online and in person consults at different days and times then you will need to add locations for both. 

If you plan to offer them at the same days and times, you can skip to Step 3 and ignore all references to locations for the rest of the steps. 

Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Locations -> Add Location

You will need to add in your primary location first then any additional location/s after that.

Complete the address details, with a meaningful or self-explanatory name for the clinic in the Location Name field. Bear in mind that patients using the online booking system will see the location name.

Click on OK to save the new location.

Step 2 - Configuring clinic hours for the multiple locations

Each practitioner needs to specify which location they will be working from on each day of the week, and defining their hours of work for each day. To set these, go to the Employees menu.

The employees list will be shown. Click on the view button for the practitioner, then scroll down to the Employee Schedule area.

Toggle each day's Status to Open or Closed as needed. Type in the starting and ending times in the above format. 

Choose the location you are available for, in clinic, online or both, if you need to split your day by location, you will need to do this by creating location specific blocks

Click on the Save button to save the changes.

Step 3 - Configuring your services for online and in person 

Go to the Services option from the SimpleClinic menu, to edit your services.

For you existing in clinic services, you will need to click the view button one each of them and link them to your in clinic location if applicable. 

Step 4 - adding new services 

For your online services, you will need to ADD a new service/s. 

  • add a new service category by typing in a new name - this will give you a different set of messages
  • select the location - if applicable 

Step 5 - Booking and reminder messages

Go to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Message Settings options.

For each of the message types, select the Service Category from the dropdown list, and customise your message or email.

For your new categories you have created, you can copy and paste one of your message templates from one message notification box to another, and just edit the differences.

You can use "merge tags" to merge patient details and appointment data from the SimpleClinic database into the messages. For more information on the merge tags, please refer to the support article here.

Ensure to click SAVE.

Zoom Sample Wording for Online Consultations:


Your Zoom meeting link is {{event.join_url}}

You will need to click on this link at the time of your appointment. Ensure you are accessing the meeting link from a device such as a laptop, mobile, tablet etc that has a camera facing you.

You will need to be in a quiet place with little background noise and good lighting so your appointment can run smoothly.

NOTE: If you are accessing the Zoom meeting link from a mobile device (mobile phone, tablet etc.) you will need to download the Zoom app prior to our session.

If you are accessing the appointment from a laptop or a PC, you will simply need to click the Zoom Meeting Link above!