1. To edit the content of booking and reminder messages, go to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Message Settings. 

Within Message Settings, you have the option select Booking SMS, Booking Emails, Reminder SMS or Reminder Emails. 

2. Select which type of message you would like to edit.

Within each type, you have a service category drop down menu. Your services are group together by these service categories such as Initial Appointment and Follow Up Appointment.

Each service category is treated as it's own individual set of messages.

3. Select a service category and edit the Subject and email Body. After making your changes, click SAVE. 

4. Use the 'INSERT FORM' button to insert the link to an intake form in the booking and reminder emails.

When you make any changes to messages settings make sure you select both 'Booking Messages' and 'Reminder Messages' from the Message Trigger dropdown menu, as well as checking all Service Categories for SMS and Email.