SimpleClinic supports self service cancellation and reschedules of appointment for clients in accordance with your policies.

Clients can do this once you have followed the below steps to setup:

1) Go to Services -> Click magnifying glass next to service -> Cancellation hours -> Update with cancellation policy -> Save -> repeat for all services.

2) Go to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Message Settings

Within Message Settings, you have the option select Booking SMS, Booking Emails, Reminder SMS or Reminder Emails. 

Select which type of message you would like to edit.

Within each type, you have a service category drop down menu. Your services are group together by these service categories such as Initial Appointment and Follow Up Appointment.

Each service category is treated as it's own individual message. 


Copy {{event.cancel_url}} to your booking and reminder messages. The merge tag will populate automatically with a unique link for the client to access online, you do not need to source your own link.

Once done, click save.