This Knowledge Base article will discuss how to add HTML signatures to emails.

Important information to consider before adding your signature:

Images cannot be added to your booking and reminder emails as this will exceed the message body limit. Please use text only.

There are 3 places you can add your email signature:

Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Invoice Settings -> Message Body

Business Setup -> Your Clinic ->Prescription Settings -> Message Body

In all of these places you can either type in your own email signature to the SimpleClinic screen .

Ensure to click save.

You can also create your email signature as a content block for all other emails you send from SimpleClinic. Follow the steps below:

Content -> Content Library -> Add New -> You can either type in your own email signature or copy and paste an image file to the SimpleClinic screen -> Save.

To use your signature, go to Patients -> Select the patient you're emailing -> Send -> Email -> Content -> Select signature