This article will discuss how to create and send email templates. Specifically we will be covering how to send a template for an invoice, this does not include the email template you would have specified under Business Setup -> Invoice Settings. That template is for more generalised purposes, whereas this article will cover off sending specific invoice templates for other instances.

1) Select Content from the right hand bar
2) Click on Content Library
3) Select Add New 
4) Type in the text you would like in the Content field (see below example)

5) Hit SAVE in the top right hand corner.

You will notice that in the image, the {{url}} merge tag has been used, this merge tag needs to be included in the content block for it to include the invoice or prescription link. If the template is for general communication, do not include the tag.

After saving this content block, below are steps on how to include this content in an email. These steps start from the very beginning by creating the invoice.

1) Click Patients
2) Select the patient record
3) Create a new invoice by selecting invoice from the grey action bar
4) Include any items or services you wish to include in that invoice
5) Record any payments or comments if applicable
6) Click the patients name (It will be highlighted in blue)
7) Select the Invoices tab
8) Locate the invoice you would like to email and select the envelope button
9) Select the content block you created earlier from the Content bar (see below)

10) You will see your content block has been dropped into the message body (See below)

11) Click OK and this will send the email off
12) You're done!

Please bear in mind that you will not need to create a content block each time you want to send an email, a content block will only need to be created once if it is going to contain the same information. If you would like to create additional unique content blocks, you can certainly do that!