From the patient's invoice page, you can build an invoice with products and services, record payments and more. After this, you can SMS, email or print a copy for the patient.

Invoices can be printed or even emailed to patients for their records, or for health insurance fund rebates if required.

From the Invoices screen, clicking on the Print button on the action bar at the top of the screen will initially display the invoice in a new browser tab, so you can see the format and how it will look when printed. Use this feature to check for any errors or omissions, before printing the invoice using the Print button, or the Print option in the browser menu.

The action bar also has an option to Email button, to send the invoice to the patient.

The invoice can also be sent to a patient via SMS message, using the SMS option on the navigation bar.

When you send a patient an invoice by SMS or email by clicking the SMS or Email link in the action bar, the body of the SMS or email will contain a unique link to the SimpleClinic web portal. If the patient clicks on this link, they will be able to print or download their invoice.