SimpleClinic supports multiple locations for online booking.

To create multiple locations for your account, simply log into your clinic administrator account.

1) Select Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Locations

2) Click Add Location. Once you use multiple locations, you'll need to create a location for each and every location you practice from. This would include your main location.

3) You can now reference these locations in your confirmation emails and your reminder emails.

To use locations in your confirmation and reminder emails, scroll down to Message Settings, select Booking Emails, and choose the relevant service category. Location information can be accessed by using the tags:

  • {{}} - the name of the location
  • {{location.street}} - the street name of the location
  • {{location.suburb}} - the suburb of the location
  • {{location.state}} - the location state
  • {{location.postcode}} - the location postcode

4) After this, go to Employees and set your working hours for your user profile. The example image below shows 3 locations selected for Tuesdays, 2 locations selected for Thursdays and 1 location selected for Saturdays. 

5) You will next need to review your services. You can link services to a specific location. For example, you may work one day a week at another clinic offering Massage only. You can link your massage services to that location only. If you need the same service at multiple locations, you will need to clone the service for each location and adjust the booking and reminder messages to send out the correct information. 

6) Your locations are successfully set up! When a client books in online, they will see location options such as below:

When booking a client in the Diary, you have option to choose a location for the booking.