SimpleClinic supports multiple locations! This means that practitioners can create multiple locations for their clinic, or practitioners can be working from multiple clinic locations. This is supported all the way through online booking, service creation, and through to the location-specific reminder and confirmation emails.

To create multiple locations for your account, simply log into your clinic administrator account.

Select Business Setup -> It will take you to the screen as pictured below.

From within business setup, you can scroll down to the Locations navigation item. The additional locations will show you any additional locations that have been created for your account. 

Just click Add Location. Once you use multiple locations, you'll need to create a location for each and every location you practice from. This would include your main location.

You can now reference these locations in your confirmation emails and your reminder emails.

To use locations in your confirmation and reminder emails, scroll down to Message Settings, select Booking Emails, and choose the relevant service category. Location information can be accessed by using the tags:

  • {{}} - the name of the location
  • {{location.street}} - the street name of the location
  • {{location.suburb}} - the suburb of the location
  • {{location.state}} - the location state
  • {{location.postcode}} - the location postcode

The location information is only saved to the event when the event is created so you'll need to make sure that you've actually created the locations, and that you wait until any old events have had their reminds and their confirmations sent before you actually use these emails.

Once you've created additional locations, if you go into the diary and go to create a new event, you'll now see that there's a location field been added underneath the practitioner to the event. So, when you create a new event, you specify the service as normal, the practitioner information will get automatically picked up from the service, and you can select the location for the appointment.

You can also set default locations for each service by going to Services. When you click to view a Service, you'll see that there's now a location field. This will allow you to specify the default location for each service.

When you create an appointment using a service with a default location, the Location select box will automatically be set to the default location.