Content Marketplace is an initiative brought to you by the SimpleClinic practitioner team to aid new graduates and all clinicians to help you create more efficient and professional prescriptions for your patients. With this information we can empower our patients with knowledge to improve their health outcomes. We hope you find this a valuable resource that saves you research time and time in prescription preparation. 

Through Marketplace you will be able to access referenced protocols, follow the steps below: 

1. From the left hand main menu select Dashboard  -> then expand the Content menu on the left hand side -> select Marketplace 

2. Under Latest protocols click on the arrow to view each Protocol

3. Click on Add to Account -> select OK to agree to terms of use -> item now opens under Content --> Favourite Protocols

4. Add keywords to make searching protocols easier, make any edits to the fields or added supplements if you wish -> Save 

When using supplements as part of these Protocols please note: 

  • all supplements listed in these protocols by default are using items from the Ariya Feeds (listed under Inventory Feeds) 
  • if you have copies of these products in your inventory, it will not use those by default, it will use items from the Ariya feeds. 
  • If you would like to change which products are used in the protocols (e.g. because you have created copies of these items with different prices), you will need to edit these protocols once they are added to your Favourite protocol menu. 

5. Repeat these steps to add as many protocols as needed 

6. If you change your mind you can delete any items from your Protocols

Click here to view the article for steps on how to use Favourite Protocols in your prescriptions.