Meal Planning can be used to create meal plans for your patients. You can share meals plans as a PDF or by sharing a link. 

On this page: 

  • Connect Meal Planning
  • Meal Plan Settings
  • Create a Meal Plan
  • Share Meal Plan

Connect Meal Planning

Go to Business Setup -> Integrations -> Meal Planning -> Connect  

Meal Plan Settings

To change the colour of the heading ‘Meal Plan’ go to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Portal Settings -> Header Heading Colour. This is also the colour of the headings on your invoices. 

Create a Meal Plan

1. Go to Content -> Meal Planning -> select New Plan

2. The email field is optional 

3. Give it a name e.g Keto 2500cal 5 meal plan no eggs

4. Select a Diet from the drop down (over the coming months more options will become available).

5. Enter Calories (per day) – this is a required field, however, calories are not shown on the patient meal plan link.  Calories are required so that the AI can generate an appropriate portion size for each meal.  

6. Select which meals you would like included.

7. Select what items you would like excluded, if any.

8. Select Save Plan to save it and come back to it prior to creating the meal plan

9. Select Create Plan to create the meal plan. You now need to wait for an email confirmation to tell you your meal plan is ready. 

10. The Last Run will show as ‘pending’ until the meal plans are completed (approx. 5-10 mins depending on the plan). You can leave the page while this is happening.

11.    Please wait to receive an email ‘Meal Plan Ready’ -> this tells you that the meal plan, recipes, and shopping list is complete. This email will come to the admin email listed under Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Email as well as the email address that you are logged in with (if this is different).

12.    Go to Content -> Meal Planning -> open latest Meal Plan -> select View Plan -> review the meal plan, recipes and shopping list. 

13.    The practitioner view (below image) will show an option to ‘Reprompt’ under each meal, this is to reprompt for a new meal if you are not happy with any specific meal. If you don’t see this option, please refresh your browser and / or clear your cache. The recipes will be listed underneath the meal plan. 

This image below shows the patient view - with no calories and no reprompt link. Each recipe shows the macronutrient breakdown. 

Share Meal Plan

14.  There are currently 2 options for sharing meal plans. 

  • Print: select Print within your browser -> you can print to PDF to save it -> upload it to your Document Library -> send it to your patients or print it out straight to a printer.  
  • Share Plan: select the Share Plan button -> copy the link and send to any patient.
  • (in the future) Email field has a patient email address: the patient will be able to view the meal plan in the patient portal account.

Please note: during the public Beta phase, there will be no cost incurred to generate a meal plan. Once we release the final release version, we will review the pricing model and if there is a cost it will be consumption based. 

Meal Planning tips

Meal plans are created using openAI technology, this means data is gathered from many sources and brought together to create recipes based on the criteria selected. Please keep the below things in mind when creating a meal plan: 

  • A Mediterranean diet by default includes a lot of dairy products. If you choose to exclude dairy significantly reduces the available recipes. Instead - guide your patient to look for lactose free, or other dairy substitutes where dairy is included.
  • Many Gluten Free recipes will include gluten free substitutes by default, for example a bagel, wrap, bread or cous cous. Advise your patient to look for Gluten Free versions of these products or use something else instead, e.g. rice, potato or quinoa.