The Document Library is a repository for various documents, files, photos, forms, handouts etc that you may wish to send to clients as part of your consultations or prescriptions

To access the Document Library, select the Content menu option from the left hand Main Menu, then select the Document Library option. 

The following file types are supported for upload into SimpleClinic's Document Library:

  1. Microsoft Word - docx and doc file extensions (inline file preview not supported)
  2. Image file types - PNG, JPG (File preview available) 
  3. Adobe Acrobat - PDF (File preview available)
  4. Other file types - RTF and plain text

To add a new file to the Document Library, click on the Add New button.

The details which can be saved on this screen include:

  • Name- name or short description of the file (Ensure you are not adding dots, dashes or commas to your file names. This will create errors in saving the file extensions and prevent previews or downloads.)
  • Description - optional - longer description of the document (Seen by you only)
  • File - click on the Choose File button to browse your computer and select the document to add to the library. Only certain types of files can be added to the library.

Ensure to SAVE after adding the details.

FILE LIMITS - There is a file size limit of 5Mb for a single file to be added to the Document Library.