Custom Blends provides you the ability to reuse herbal or compounding blends easily from a prescription. 

On this page: 

  • Create a Blend
  • Set a Blend to be reusable
  • Reuse a blend

All Blends will show in the Inventory --> Blends menu. Only ones set to be reusable will show in the prescription for reuse. 

Create a Blend

1. Click the link to view the article which describes how to create a Liquid Herbal blend or a Compounding blend as normal. Please note: you cannot create a new blend from the Inventory. 

The following steps and images in this article refer to a herbal blend but will be the same if you use compounding. 

Below is an image of your completed herbal blend within the prescription. 

Set a Blend to be reusable

2. Once a herbal or compound has been added to a prescription it can then be managed under the Inventory -> Blends menu. Here you will have a list of every herbal or compound you have added to a prescription. 

3. Select the magnifying glass next to the blend to view and manage it. 

You can see in this list which blends are already set to be reusable. 

4. Once you have opened the blend, you can make the following changes and then SAVE

  • set the 'Reusable'  toggle on to make the blend available to reuse
  • rename it to something that you can easily search for later

Reuse a Blend

5. Once you have set your blends to be reusable, these will be available for reuse from a new prescription via the dropdown arrow as seen the image below.