This article describes how to upload an e-book to SimpleClinic via the Programs module to be shared with your patients through the Patient Portal. 

First you need to create your e-book and save it as a PDF. You will also need to decide how much you would like to charge for the e-book or if you are providing it complimentary. You may decide create multiple price options for your e-book, these price options can be visible to customers or hidden for your use in clinic only. 

Once you have done this, follow the steps with images below. 

1. Go to Inventory -> Items -> Add

2. Add the Item Name, Category, Supplier, Cost, Sell Price, Type and GST Tax Setting -> Save 

Note: if you require more than 1 price option, e.g. a discounted option or a complimentary option as well, repeat steps 1 & 2 as many times as required. 

3. Go to Programs -> Materials -> Add New  

4. Add a name for your e-book 

5. Under Upload -> click on Select files -> select the e-book from your computer -> select Save 

6. Go to Programs -> Lessons -> Add New 

7. Add a Title (the same name as the material is easiest) -> add an introduction or content if desired (not required) -> select Save

8. Select Add Materials ->select the e-book from the drop down list of materials -> enter ordering as 1 -> select Save 

9. Go to Programs -> Courses -> Add New

10. Add a Course Name (the same name as the material is easiest) -> add an introduction if desired (not required) -> select Save 

11. Add a Feature Image (if required) by selecting Select files -> select an image from your computer

12. Select Add Lesson 

13. Select the e-book lesson from the Lesson Name drop down -> set the ordering as 1 -> select Immediate from the Delivery drop down -> select Save

14. Select Add Fees

15. Enter the Fee Schedule Name (the same name as the material is easiest) ->add the One Off Fee and Ongoing Fee (even if $0) -> select the Inventory Item you created in step 2 from the Billing Item Drop Down (which will match the cost you have entered) -> select Save 

Note: If you created more than 1 Inventory Item to offer different price options for the e-book, repeat steps 13 & 14 as many times as required. 

In Clinic Only price options: if you would like any of your price options to be hidden from the public and only available for yourself to offer, turn on In Clinic Only.  

16. Add a subject and body to your Enrolment email. This email will be sent out after the customer has purchased your e-book so make sure to include information about signing up to the patient portal and any other information you would like to give them. Address the patient using the appropriate merge tag and add your clinic signature text. 

Note: as there is no second lesson in this example, you will not need to set a New Lesson Notification Email. 

17. Use the Public Link to share this e-book for purchase on your website or social media or email it to clients in a Survey Email

18. Review who has purchased your e-book by going to Programs -> Enrolments