Within the treatment notes, appointment types have been defined for each appointment. These cannot be edited to comply with Metabolic Balance workflows. You can still edit your previously existing appointment types.

The appointment type will include a checklist of what to cover in the appointment, test summary, consult notes, supplement and other treatment provided. 

When completing the measurements, the left hand column is for the result and the right hand side is for extra info. For example, waist measurement is 105cm with an additional note of "measurement taken at navel".

If you require more prompts or structure for the consult notes field, you can build a content block to insert that includes the extra details you require. Content -> Content Library ->Add.

Create prescription -> Do prescription as normal.

At this stage supplement rationale will not carry over and will need to re-entered when working on the newly converted prescription. 

Herbals cannot be entered in the MB prescription section, If you are a Nat offering MB -> you can enter herbals after you create prescription.