Content Library allows you to type in and add pre-written content blocks into selected fields, so that you don't have to type them in each time you need them! You type the text in once into the Content Library, and then select to insert the pre-written text as needed. This will save you a lot of time! Content can be edited if required after being added in. The content library is the repository for your custom content which can be created and saved for repeated use! 

Content is used to add pre-written text into Custom Fields to:

· Treatment Notes

· Prescriptions

· Emails to clients

Content allows you to type in your advice details once, and then add that advice again and again to your records, without having to type it all in again! Some editing or alterations to Content information can be done as needed, after being added into Custom Fields.

Content can be accessed from the Content -> Content Library option in the main menu. This lists the custom content items.

Click on the Edit button to the right of each entry to view or edit the custom content, or click on the Add New button to create a new entry. 

Title - Is seen by the practitioner when selecting a content block to insert.

Ordering - This gives you the ability to have the most commonly used content blocks appear at the top of the list

Description - A private field for the practitioner to included an overview of what this content block is.

Content - This is the information see by the client.

Note: More than one content block can be marked as 1 for ordering, all the 1s will be shown first, then the 2s and so on. 

Click on the Save button to save any changes. Click on the Back button on the browser to return to the Custom Content screen.

Custom content can be added into emails sent to clients, treatment notes and prescriptions. The following screenshot from a treatment note shows some custom fields, and highlighting the Insert Content button which, when selected, will allow you to list and select custom content information to be added into the field.

Custom Content can be edited if required after being inserted into specific text fields. This can save you a lot of time, by not having to type in the same or similar information again and again!