To edit services, go to Services -> Click the blue magnifying glass button on the service you would like to edit.

The following information can be edited for a service.

  1. Service Name – This is what you would like to call the service in the diary creation.  It will also be displayed to the client when they are booking.
  2. Category – The Service Category is used when determine which reminder or confirmation template to send to the client. You can link services to previous categories or create new ones by typing in a new category name.
  3. User – This determines which practitioners calendar should be used when creating the event in the diary.  This is also used by the front end booking to determine which practitioners calendar to check for availability.
  4. Invoicing Details – You have the option to search for an existing item or by clicking on Add New Invoice Item will mean that you can create a new invoice item from the same screen. This defines which invoice item is used in creating the invoice.
  5. Duration minutes – This is the duration in minutes that the services take.  This determines how long the diary will be blocked for when creating an event.
  6. Online Booking – this will exclude a service from showing in the online booking menu.
  7. Cancellation Notice - This will define the amount of hours require for cancelling an appointment. 
  8. Cancellation Amount - This will define the fee incurred for cancelling an appointment.