To help you get started with SimpleClinic, we have provided a list of tips and suggestions to help you further customise your account.  Before we get started, there's a couple of notes to bear in mind when using SimpleClinic:

  1. We recommend switching OFF autofill, as SC is browser based - your autofill can sometimes interfere when adding information into SC. For steps on this, click here.
  2. Spell check is a browser setting that you can enable/install. Click here. 
  3. For privacy reasons, if there is 20 minutes or more of inactivity; you will be logged out of your account.
  4. Autosave runs every 300ms on treatment notes, prescriptions and invoices ONLY.

Customisation Checklist:

✅ Save SimpleClinic to Bookmarks on computer/laptop. Click here.

✅ Save SimpleClinic to Home screen on your phone. Click here

✅ Add privacy policy to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Privacy Policy. You can create your own or use the SimpleClinic one as an example (please change details to your own). 

✅ Review default wording in Booking & Reminder messages. Click here

✅ If seeing clients interstate or overseas, set up multiple timezone support for your online booking. Click here. 

✅ Add email signature to automated emails. Click here. 

✅ Review intake form. SimpleClinic pre-loads a sample form, you can add extra questions. Click here. 

✅ Review consent and cancellation in form. SimpleClinic provides a sample consent and cancellation policy, this can be changed in the Forms. See above link.

✅ Review initial and follow up treatment note templates. SimpleClinic creates default treatment note questions & headings. You can add extra questions. Click here. 

✅ From services, set your cancellation policy, service colours and service description. Click here. 

✅ Review working hours from employees. Click here. 

Set your default calendar and block colour, using link above.

✅Add lunch breaks. Click here. 

✅ Connect or sign up to a payment gateway. Click here. 

✅ Under Business Setup -> Integrations, review any other integrations you would like to use:

-    Will you accept pre-payment for bookings made online?

-    If you are conducting online consultations, will you be using the Zoom integration?

-    Will you use Xero for accounting?

-    Will you connect to the Patient Portal?

✅ Add booking URL to website and social media. Click here. 

✅ Post that your online booking is now live! (If using Patient Portal, you can also encourage clients to sign up - click here for invite wording.)