Follow the steps below to customise your online  prescription view. This is what the patient will see when you email them their prescription. 

Please also see other articles on prescriptions: 

Customise the online prescription view

Go to Business Setup -> Portal Configuration -> 

You will see the screen below: on the left are the settings that can be modified (explanations listed below) and on the right is a preview of what the online prescription view will look like for patients. 

After making changes -> select the Save button and preview the changes on the right hand side. 

You will notice below that some items are only relevant for the online booking customisation, and not applicable to prescriptions. Please remember that changes made to the common elements affects both your online booking page and your online prescription view. 

  • Banner = upload a rectangular image (1800px x 600px) to go across the top of the online prescription
  • Logo = upload a round (450px x 450px) or square logo to go at the bottom left of the banner (square logos will be cropped to be a circle shape as in the image below) 
  • Module Link Colour = colour of the selection link buttons (e.g. Order Now & Download) 
  • Module Link Colour Reversed = colour used for links in different colour palettes (e.g. dark mode)  
  • Module Icon Colour =do not make this white or a light colour- it is the colour of the icons when there is no product picture available on the ordering screen. 
  • Module Header Background = colour of the header background on each page (e.g. behind Prescription Title)
  • Module Header Colour =colour of the header text on each page (e.g. Prescription Title) 
  • Container Header Background = not applicable for prescriptions
  • Container Header Colour = not applicable for prescriptions 
  • Facebook Page = enter your Facebook page link here (e.g. 
  • Instagram Page = enter your Instagram page page link here (e.g. 
  • LinkedIn Page = enter your LinkedIn page link here (e.g. 
  • Privacy Policy = enter the link to your privacy policy from your website 
  • Cancellation Policy = enter the link to your cancellation policy from your website 
  • Disclaimer = enter the link to any general online disclaimer from your website 
  • Google Analytics Tag = enter the Google Analytics tag from your Google Analytics account (e.g. G-6ZYJXYX67XY)

If you have your website listed under Business Setup --> Your Clinic, there will be a button on this page to return to your website "Take Me Back. Please note it must be in the format beginning with http:// or https:// 

The Need Help? button will open an email to the email set up under Business Setup --> Your Clinic --> Email.