The label printing feature will allow you to print directly from SimpleClinic to your Brother QL700 or QL800 label printer.

NOTE: For those using the Brother QL700, you will only be able to do label printing from Chrome. Safari adds an extra border to the label.

NOTE: The red black labels are not supported, it is black only on white labels.

Before getting started, there are a few settings you will need to ensure you have switched on:

1) Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Invoice Settings -> Sell Liquid Herbs / Compounding at Container Prices -> YES -> SAVE. 

This means, when you convert a prescription to an invoice, you will have the ability to select the container you have used (Liquid Herbal 100ml etc) and this will be what prints on the label.

If you want to continue to sell at a per mL price, you can leave this setting off but at the time of invoicing, you will need to add the 

2) Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Invoice Settings -> Show Display Name for Liquid Herbs / Compounding -> YES -> SAVE.

3) Set your label printing preset (Label Size is 62mm x 100mm), this will make it easier to switch to the correct sizing you need when printing labels. 

Steps to do this on Mac can be found by clicking here.

Steps to do this on Windows can be found by clicking here.

To begin using this feature, create your prescription as usual. If you require assistance on using prescriptions, you can watch our training video by clicking here.

After creating the prescription, select CONVERT TO INVOICE. This will bring up the client invoice as shown below:

Next to the print button, you will be able to click PRINT LABELS.

This will bring up the options for what labels to  print.  You will ONLY need to select the container, in this example it is the 100ml Herbal liquid. Once selected, click PRINT.

You will be opened into a new tab where you can preview your labels. To go ahead with printing, select CTRL + P (windows) on your keyboard OR Cmd + P (mac).

This will bring up the print dialogue screen where you can choose the printer to print to and also change to your saved printing present.

After printing your labels. You will see an output similar to below with your clinic details, client details and dispensing details.