Please bear in mind that forms are submitted back to patient record based on the email address provided.

If you cannot find a form submitted to you by a client, there are a few reasons why:

- The client has not submitted the form back. You will receive email notification when a form is submitted, if you have not received this notification the form has not been submitted.

- The form has been linked to an archived client with the same email address. You can restore an archived client by going to Report Centre -> Marketing Reports -> Archived Clients -> Find the archived record -> Restore

Once restored, you can view the client record from Patients -> Click Forms -> Select the blue spyglass button to view the form -> Click move form -> Select record to move to -> Then you can archive the old patient record once you have moved the form.

- The email address provided in the form is different to what you have on file for the client. If this is the case, please follow these steps: How to move an unlinked form