This article will explain how to automatically send an email to a patient after an appointment to obtain feedback.  

Many countries (Australia included) regulate the sending of commercial messages via email.  Appointment reminders that do not contain or serve a promotional or marketing purpose are generally exempt.  Messages sent for marketing purposes (such as requesting feedback etc. are not).  Please ensure you review your obligations to avoid financial penalties to your clinic.  



We provide an {{optout}} tag that can be used in your messages to opt patients out of non transactional email sent by SimpleClinic.  

Survey Emails will be sent the day after an appointment and processed at 9am AEST (Brisbane, Australia).

NB - Patients marked as a "bad patient" or where their appointment was marked as being a "no-show" or "cancelled" will not be sent a survey email.

Survey Emails are sent to the patient from your Business Setup ->  Message Settings ->Message Trigger -> select Survey emails -> select service category, update body and SAVE. 

Just like other messages these can be customised for each service category.  This allows you to send messages for just initial consultations, or followup consultations based on how you have defined your service categories.  You can also utilise forms in the Survey Emails to send a form to a patient.

SimpleClinic has provided a sample feedback form which can be accessed by going to Content -> Forms -> Add -> Load form from the form library ->OK -> SimpleClinic Sample Feedback Form ->Ok->  Re-name -> Hit SAVE

The same merge tags used in Booking Emails can be used in Survey Emails.

Then go back into your Message Settings ->Message Trigger -> select Survey emails -> select service category, Insert form into body and SAVE. 

Survey Emails also introduce a tag {{optout}}.  This will include an opt out link for the patient to be opt out of further marketing email from you.  If you have not included the {{optout}} tag in your email you will receive a highlight at the bottom of the email body.

The ACMA in Australia, Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand, and equivalent bodies in most other countries regulate the sending of messages with marketing or promotional content and require a working optout mechanism.  Including the {{optout}} tag in the survey email will ensure a link is added for the patient to opt out.

You may wish to add some text into your survey email to inform your patient of the consequences of opting out to the survey email - if they choose to opt out they will also:

  1. Automatically be removed from ActiveCampaign or unsubscribed from the linked list in MailChimp
  2. Not receive any marketing emails for newsletters, promotions, or events from you in the future (transactional appointment reminders are excluded).

Failing to include an optout option on marketing emails can result in a recipient making an official complaint to the ACMA or other regulatory bodies, and large fines for the practitioner or clinic for breaching the spam laws.