This Knowledge Base article will discuss how to add HTML signatures to emails.

Important information to consider before adding your signature:

Important elements should not be in the image such as phone number, email address, clinic address etc as most mail clients will now block images by default and only show them if the receiver chooses to do so. This important information should be typed into the body of the email so patient's can view and interact with this important information. 

Recommended Sizing:

300 - 400px for a landscape logo

Square/portrait should be a little smaller as they take up more vertical space. 

All files should be uploaded in jpg, this format will provide better quality for bulk sending emails.

You can edit the sizing and file type in programs like Adobe PhotoShop and Canva.

1) Open Business Setup

2) Select Message Settings (You can also add a signature to Invoice settings and prescription settings)

3) Open the email you would like to edit

4) Drag the file image file to the SimpleClinic screen and drop in the body of the email

5) Click save