This article covers multiple error types. Please check the email you received to find out which error you encountered or check the invoice comment of the failed invoice, then follow the directions in the section that relates to your error.

Invoice # must be unique

When sending an invoice to Xero, we will automatically set the Invoice ID to "SC-" followed by the prac invoice number.  You will see this error if an invoice already exists in Xero with the Invoice ID "SC-" and the prac invoice number.  This most commonly occurs when you have previously tried to send the invoice and encountered errors applying a payment to an invoice due to a misconfigured settlement account.

You can correct this error by deleting the unpaid invoice from Xero that has already been sent from SimpleClinic.  To do this in Xero, go to Accounts -> Sales -> Awaiting Payment and select the invoice from the list of invoices.  Xero doesn't release the invoice ID of deleted invoices, so you will need to edit the invoice to change the invoice ID before you can delete the invoice.  To do this click the 3 dots in the top right and then select Edit from the drop down menu.

Change the invoice # by placing xx's (or any other character) before or after the invoice and then click Update.  Once the page has reloaded you can then click the 3 dots in the top right again and select Delete from the drop down menu.  This will void the invoice.

Once you have voided the invoice you will be able to resend this invoice to Xero from within SimpleClinic.

The access token has not been authorized, or has been revoked by the user.

SimpleClinic currently integrates with Xero as a public application.  This means that when attempting to send an invoice or a report to Xero, you will be redirected to Xero to provide your login details and approve SimpleClinic to access your account for a period of time.  By default this is 30 minutes.

The error "the access token has not been authorized, or has been revoked by the user" means that the permission you provided has since expired and needs to be authenticated again.  To correct this simply log out of SimpleClinic and log back in.  You can then re-run the report or send the invoice again.  Sales will not be duplicated in Xero.

Account type is invalid for making a payment to/from.

Unless you have set your Xero integration with SimpleClinic to exclude payments, we will automatically try to create a payment to your Settlement Account. 

This error means that the settlement account has not been configured to accept payments.  If you wish to send payments you will need to configure the settlement account to accept payments.

Account code is not setup.

This error is most commonly encountered when you have added a new product category to SimpleClinic.  When sending invoices to Xero, the SimpleClinic category is used to determine which account in your chart of accounts the item the revenue should go do.  If you have added a new product category since initially setting up Xero you will need to tell SimpleClinic how this product category should map to Xero.

The quickest way to correct this is to go to your Xero Integration Settings under Business Setup -> Integrations -> Review Step 1 and 2 to ensure all fields are filled out. If you have previously set up category mapping, you will need to review your category mapping for any missing codes by going to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Xero Integration Settings.  When you review the Stock Category Mappings table you will find the new category will be missing a code in the code column.  Add the code for the account you wish to map this to in Xero and click Save.


This means an item added to the invoice was not selected from the SimpleClinic inventory. 

 In order to add any item to an invoice or prescription they must exist in the inventory first. To add an item please see below. Once the item has been added to your inventory access the invoice -> delete the item -> create a new line -> add the item from the drop down inventory. Please allow a couple of hours to create the Xero ID/ sync with Xero. 

How to add new inventory items


Xero won't allow the invoice to be sent with a negative line item.