Each liquid herbal extract you purchase from the manufacturer to stock in your clinic now needs to be added into your SimpleClinic inventory. For example, a 500ml bottle of Astragalus, Echinacea, Paeonia to Zizyphus!

From the Inventory-> Items menu, click on the Add New button to create a new herbal extract inventory item.

  1. Fill in the details of the herbal medicine as shown above. Type in or select "Liquid Herbs" for the Category, and "Liquid Herbal" for the Product Type, as shown above, to keep items consistent.
  2. Make sure the "Container" field is set to "No" for each of the herbal extracts!
  3. The Display Name and Unit Price" are new fields which appear when you have selected the product type as Liquid Herbal AND selected NO on the Container field. Type in a useful short name for the herb, such as "Astragalus", or "St Mary's Thistle glycetract" (which will be displayed on the prescription) and the price is per mL, if you charge this way.
  4. For the unit price (price per ml), it is best to calculate this is Sell divided by size. 
  5. Cost is the price you paid for the WHOLE bottle
  6. Sell is the price if you were to sell the WHOLE bottle to a patient
  7. Click on OK to save the new herbal inventory item. Repeat for other liquid herbal items.