SimpleClinic can do one-way or two-way SMS messaging to patients. 

One-way sends notification text messages to clients, but there is no interaction, and the patient cannot reply to them.  Using this set up is free.

Two-way messaging allows patients to reply to SMS messages you send. This setup is charged at an additional charge. At the time of writing this article, you can have two-way SMS enabled either via:

- Shared Number Pool. This means you pay for the SMS sent to the client and the SMS received back from the client. SMS is 10c per 144 characters. The reply received will be matched back to your client and you will be notified through SimpleClinic.

- Renting a dedicated number. This is an additional $8.50 per month and the cost of sending and receiving the SMS's.

The benefit of two-way SMS? Patients can interact with your message and reply back to you, such as to confirm their appointment, or to arrange when to pickup their products from the clinic or other purposes. Patients can reply to your SMS messages from SimpleClinic, and those replies will appear on the Dashboard for actioning. All messages sent and received are also logged in the Messages tab for that patient.