We are aware that Facebook has removed this option and we have requested to get this feature re-enabled for SimpleClinic. Please feel free to contact them as well, to support our request and get this feature back for us. 

Please bear in mind, Facebook regularly makes changes to their layout. Some of the below steps may have been slightly altered.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and select the page from the right hand menu.

Only the page admin can add a button to a page so you'll need to make sure you are logged into Facebook using a page admin account.  From the right hand side bar you will see a list of all pages linked to your account.  Simply click the page in the list of pages. 

Step 2: Click Add Button

From just under the cover photo on the right hand side click the Add a Button button.  You can only have one button on a page so if the button is already linked, you will need to click your existing button and select edit from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Select Contact Button

From the list of available options select the contact button

You will need to select the contact button, due to the changes made by Facebook in July 2021. We have applied to be a connected booking service, however for now you will need to select the contact button. You will not be able to select the book now button as SimpleClinic is not yet a connected booking service.

Step 4: Copy URL

Copy the Online Booking URL you received via email when your account was created in the link field.

Once you've clicked finish, if you hover the mouse over the Contact button you will see an option in the drop down to Test Button.  If everything has been configured correctly, this will redirect you to the booking page.