Custom Fields allows additional fields to be added to data-entry screens for you to enter and collect additional information on:

  • Treatment Notes
  • Prescriptions
  • Patient records

Examples of how they can be used are to:

  1. Capture additional information on a treatment note during a consultation.
  2. Display additional information to the patient on a prescription
  3. Collect additional patient information on the patient information screen.

1. To create a custom field select Content -> Custom Fields from the SimpleClinic menu.

Any existing custom fields will be shown in the main content area (Your SimpleClinic account comes pre-loaded with lots of fields already!)

If you see a X, this means it is not showing in that area. A tick will mean you have selected to show it in that area.

Please note: adding a custom field to both the prescription and treatment note does not link these.

2. To add a new custom field, Click the Add New button on the action bar.  This will bring up a modal window for you to provide additional information about the custom field.

The following information needs to be provided:

  • Label - This is how the custom field is displayed in the treatment note and the prescription.  
  • Show on Prescription - If set to Yes the custom field will be displayed on the prescription, both in clinic and public versions.
  • Show on Treatment note - If set to Yes the custom field will be displayed on the treatment note.
  • Show on Patient Record - If set to Yes the custom field will be displayed on the patient record.
  • Alert Field - If Set to Yes the custom field content will pop up every time you go to the patient file.

3. Once the custom field has been defined click OK.

If you would like to re-order your fields, this can be done by dragging and dropping. Refresh your screen after dragging them into the preferred order to save. 

Fields can also be grouped together by appointment type such as initial and follow, steps for this can be found here

To edit a custom field click the Edit button in the main content area beside the custom field that you wish to edit.  Changes will be applied immediately. 

PLEASE NOTE: Deleting a custom field will make data stored in that particular custom field inaccessible through the user interface.  This will also apply to both new treatment notes and prescriptions, and existing. Do not delete a custom field if you have used it before. 

If you hide (unselect) a custom field that has been used in a previous treatment note, the data will be saved for previous treatment notes and you will be able to reinstate it to see the data. 

Treatment Notes - if you would like to change your custom field layout after using a previous one for many patients, the best thing is to follow these steps below:
  1. Create all the new custom fields you want by following this article (DO NOT delete any old ones): How do I create custom fields?
  2. Create a new Appointment Type or types - by following the steps in this article: How do I create appointment types?
  3. Rename your old appointment type(s) to something like 'OLD initial' 
  4. Edit your new appointment types to include all the custom fields that you want, using your new ones and any of the existing ones that you still want. 
You will be able to use your new appt types going forward but you will still be able to see your old appointment types if you need to look back on old treatment notes. In 6-12 months time you can delete those old appointment types when you no longer look back at old ones (do not ever delete custom fields). 

If you need further support with this, please contact