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  • Creating Enrolments
  • Viewing Enrolments 

Creating Enrolments 

There are 2 ways a person can sign up for your program: 

1. By enrolling on the public sales page

Go to Programs -> Courses -> open the course -> share this link on your website and social media:

2. Manually enroll them from within the program

Go to Programs -> Courses -> open the course -> select Create Enrolment from the bottom menu

From the sidebar either select an existing patient OR add details for a new patient -> select the appropriate fee schedule -> select Save Enrolment. 

Viewing Enrolments 

Go to Programs -> Enrolments -> view the list of all your enrolments: 

You can also create a new enrolment from this screen. 

A client will show as 'Not active' if they have enrolled but not made the first payment (if that is required). 

Click on the magnifying glass next to each name to view their enrolment details:

The Started At date will show the day their enrolment was active, please see notes below regarding activation. 

Notes on course activation

  • an enrolment is activated when the enrolment has no up front payment and only on going payment. 
  • an enrolment is activated with an upfront payment and the initial payment paid. 
  • an enrolment is activated when there is no upfront payment and no ongoing payment.
  • patients need to sign up to the patient portal to access the course material, it is not emailed to them. 
  • if the enrolment email is setup, patients will receive the enrolment email when the enrolment is created. The patient will not have access to the course material in the patient portal until the enrolment is active.  This is not active until paid, as above.