In March 2023, we rolled out multi factor authentication for greater security. This is initially an opt in process available from your user profile. 

To use this you will require a password manager capable of generating TOTP based tokens.  There are many commercial and free password managers that support TOTP.  Saving passwords in your browser will not generally support TOTP tokens. 

A few examples of password managers that support TOTP based tokens are 1Password, DashLane and BitWarden (in no order of preference). 

The steps below show how to enable and use multifactor factor authentication. 

1. Log into SimpleClinic -> hover over your email address -> select Your User Profile -> select Enable Multifactor Authentication 

2. Use your chosen authenticator application to scan the QR code -> follow the prompts in your authentication application to set up SimpleClinic -> the application will provide you with one time password -> enter this in the field as below and select submit. 

3. Next time you log into SimpleClinic you will be asked for a One Time Password --> open your authenticator application to get the password for SimpleClinic --> enter this in the field as below --> select Submit.


You can see that you have the option to not ask for this every time - keep in mind this is bypassing the two factor authentication level of security.