Adhoc availability gives you the ability to open a one off block in your diary on a day that is normally closed, based on your Employee Schedule. Please do not open an adhoc time on a day that already has an opening otherwise it will replace that shift with your new adhoc hours for that day. Adhoc is only to be used on a day that is CLOSED under your normal Employee schedule. It cannot be used to extend hours on a day that is already open, based on the Employee Schedule. 

  1. Go to Diary and select the practitioner
  2. Go to the date you wish to open
  3. Right click in the diary at the desired start time
  4.  Select Open Adhoc Availability 
  5. By default the end time will be 4 hours ahead of the start time, edit this as required
  6. Select a Location if applicable
  7. Select OK - the diary will now be open and this will reflect in the online booking page 

Multiple locations: if more than 1 location is required but not ALL, select ALL and then use blocks to block out time in individual locations

To close or edit: if the opened time is no longer required or needs to be changed, use a block to close the adhoc availability. Adhoc Availability cannot be modified or deleted once created - this is to ensure an audit trail of activity.