To use this integration you will need an i-screen account from and to connect it to SimpleClinic by following these steps

To create a referral

1. Select Patients from the navigation menu -->select a Patient Record --> from the action bar, select Record -->Pathology Request (i-screen)

2. Ensure ALL Patient Information fields are completed before you proceed to select Health Checks and/ or Personalised Tests. The details must match the patient file exactly and be in the correct format: 

  • the number in the patient information needs to start with a 04... not +61 
  • the email must be valid
  • the DOB must be valid and in the correct format - 10/09/1982 
  • i-screen requires that all patients be over 18 years of age.

3. If selecting a Personalised Test, without selecting a Health Check, there will be an additional $15 fee.  All Patient fields listed in the top section are REQUIRED fields.

4. Once selected, click send to i-Screen button in top right-hand corner

Please note: The invoice will be automatically emailed to both the patient and the practitioner regardless. It is important to clarify with your patient who is going to make payment prior to submitting the referral request.

5. A pop up box will appear confirming 'Referral sent' and you will be directed to the i-screen invoice for payment. Complete this payment should you wish to pay on their behalf. If the patient is to pay the invoice -> close the invoice screen -> do not select pay or cancel (selecting cancel will cancel the request). The patient will need to follow the steps below. 

6. If the patient is to pay, the patient clicks ‘access your invoice’ from with the email --> this takes patient to i-screen website for payment -> the patient clicks ‘proceed to payment’ -> then clicks ‘Pay now’ button

7. The patient receives pathology request form(s). Please note each request form will be sent in a separate email. The patient needs to download the form(s), print and take to pathology.