To have i-screen integration enabled on your account, you will need to access Business Setup -> Integrations -> Click to Connect under the i-screen option to request access.

Please note: to use this integration you will need an i-screen account from 

You can access your api key from your i-screen account.  Choose access tokens from the top menu bar.  If you don't already have a token for SimpleClinic then click Add.

To create a referral, select Patients from the navigation menu -->select a Patient Record --> from the action bar, click Record -->Pathology Request (i-screen)

Ensure ALL Patient Information fields are completed before you proceed to select Health Checks and/ or Personalised Tests. The details must match the patient file exactly and be in the correct format. 

Please note i-screen requires that all patients be over 18 years of age. 

If selecting a Personalised Test, without selecting a Health Check, there will be an additional $15 fee.  All Patient fields listed in the top section are REQUIRED fields.

Once selected, click send to i-Screen button in top right-hand corner

A pop up box will appear saying Referral sent and you will be directed to the i-screen invoice for payment – should you wish to pay on their behalf.

Patient will receive an email and invoice for payment via i-screen.

Patient clicks ‘access your invoice’-->takes patient to i-screen website for payment

Patient clicks ‘proceed to payment’

Patient clicks ‘Pay now’ button

Patient receives pathology request form 

Patient to download form, print and take form to pathology