On this page: 

  • Editing the program
  • Editing lesson content
  • Editing materials

For more information on program set up steps, click here.

Edit the program

1. Go to Programs -> Courses -> View Program. From here you can edit: 

Edit lesson content

1. Go to Programs -> Lessons -> View. From here you can edit: 

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Content
  • Included materials

Please note: if you are modifying materials, please delete them from your lesson here first before uploading new materials.

2. Select Save when finished editing the lesson.

Edit Materials

Please note: if you are modifying materials that are attached to lessons, please unlink the material from your lesson first before modifying any materials, by following these steps: 

  • unlink the material from the lesson
  • update the content in the material, e.g. upload new document
  • link the material back to the lesson 

1. Go to Programs -> Materials -> View. From here you delete Materials and you can edit existing materials: 

  • Name
  • Content