Firstly, ensure you read the article on using label printing, click here.

If you are receiving a Communication Error with PC & Printer notification when trying to print labels with your Brother QL-700, follow the below steps:

  1. Disconnect the printer USB cable from the computer end.
  2. Ensure that the only light on at the printer is the Status – If the Editor Lite is on, please turn that off.
  3. Download and run the Printer Driver Information Clean-Up Tool: Once you ran that it will automatically restart your computer.
  4. Once the computer comes back on, download and install the printer driver: plug the cable in only when it tells you to during the installation.
  5. Download and install the P-Touch Editor software if you have not already done so:
  6. Open the P-touch Editor software – Create new Layout  - make sure it’s selected to the correct model – Click on the Paper tab on the top and then on the left click on Detect Size and Colour button.
  7. Then try and print something from the P-Touch Editor Software. If that works, then the drivers are installed properly.